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The Longest documented survivor, passes away:

South African, Leon Botha, the longest documented survivor of Progeria, had passed away on June 5th, a day after his 26th birthday.

He was born with the Progeria disorder and had spent most of his life with a number of health problems. People affected by Progeria aren't expected to cross their teenage, but Leon Botha was an exception.

It was truly his own fighting spirit that kept him going and he had accomplished so much in his short life, than an average human being with a healthy mind and body could.

In 2009, Botha collaborated with Gordon Clark on a photo series called Who Am I? Transgression, depicting him in theatrical projections of how society might see him.

Botha became a DJ and opened for Die Antwoord during their concerts. He even featured in one of their music videos, Enter the Ninja. The video got him and the troop tremendous attention and fame.

Fans have been expressing their condolences all over the social networking sites. Many people have described him to be "inspiration, with a zest for life". The stardom he had achieved and the following he has garnered is sure to put the spotlight on this rare disorder, making people notice the disorder and help the few people suffering from it.

Leon Botha sure was an inspiration to all the other people who were born with the disorder. Botha proved that if a human possessed the will and inspiration to achieve great heights, then he can go beyond all his obstacles and achieve greatness. His contribution to the music fraternity will not be forgotten. May his soul rest in peace.

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