A Major Breakthrough!!!

Progeria, as we know, is a rare genetic disorder, affecting children and making them age much faster than normal, with a lot of health problems. Scientists have long been working to find a cure or at the least find some way to slow the aging process.

After several years of research, scientists have finally discovered a drug which can slow the aging and in a few cases, even completely stop the progress of Progeria.

Rapamycin is expected to slow the progress made by progeria and in certain cases even completely stop the progress. More information on the drug is revealed in a new study published by the Science Translational Medicine. 

Progeria is extremely rare and there are around 78 known cases around the world and the disorder affects one in 8 million children world wide 

Lead researcher Dr Dimitri Krainc hoped that their study will pave way for a cure to the disease in the near future. “Part of the problem with aging starts when debris is accumulating in the cells and it's not getting removed, and this particular drug is able to enhance the removal process. It would be too optimistic to say this could completely cure Progeria patients, but we're hoping that this drug could make these kids live longer with fewer complications”, Dr Krainc said.

Sources- MedIndia