Progeria Symptoms:

The child affected by Progeria, appear to be normal for at least a year. Their growth rate eventually slows and they appear much shorter and weigh much less than children, their age. Their intelligence might be at par with other children the same age, but their physical appearance changes completely.

The earliest symptom, would be lack of proper interaction and ability to thrive. Skin undergoes changes and tends to have a scleroderma like condition. They develop prominent eyes, thin nose with beaked tip, thin lips. Severe hardening of the arteries occurs increasing the risk of heart attacks.

Improper growth, Alopecia (hair loss) and an appearance, with pinched nose, small face and jaw are also seen. They have fragile bodies, wrinkled skins, cardio vascular problems and atherosclerosis, like elderly people. Stiffness of joints, hip dislocations, severe progressive cardiovascular disease are additional problems which might be seen in a child affected by Progeria. But other features associated with normal aging process, such as cataracts and osteoarthritis are not see in children affected with Progeria. Loss of fat, that is subcutaneous fat under the skin also occurs, making them look particularly thin.

Individuals affected by Progeria, do not have any eye lashes. They have heart problems like rapid heartbeat, slow heart rate, palpitations, heart inflammations, heart block, cardiac abnormalities, pericarditis and so on. Dwarfism is seen in them and they don't grow beyond a certain height. Improper arrangement of dentures are seen, along with other mouth related problems. Fatigue is another major problem and the child displays tiredness, lethargic feeling, drowsiness, weakness, malaise, listlessness etc. Artherosclerosis is also one main symptom of progeria where in the condition is caused due to the formation of atheromas due to the aggregation of lipids and cholesterol inside the body.

As they grow up, more and more problems tend to appear. These problems can worsen over time and are life threatening for affected individuals.