Author's Note

Author's Note: (If Blogs can have one)

People who visit this blog, please go through all the blog posts as seen towards the side of each page... Most of the basic information of the disorder has been put up, so just go through all posts to find the information needed.

This blog has been created, to make people aware of the disorder Progeria, mainly known as Huchinson- Gilford progeria syndrome. People who have already heard of Progeria, but need more information on it, this is the blog for you. People who know someone, who has been affected by the disorder and want to help, can gain a lot of knowledge from these blog posts.

The contents and information in this blog, have been collected from different books, from different websites online, from a few people who have known about the disorder first hand and through other media sources. Most of the contents are true and people who know more, can add the information through the comments section.

People who do research in the field and who have come across this blog, please feel free to type in your own knowledge on the subject in the comments section, for other people to see, learn and understand about the disorder.

The author has no ownership over the images and books mentioned in this blog.

Help spread the word on Progeria and help save the innocent souls affected by it, from the pains and sufferings caused by the disorder itself, as well as the pains caused by the people around, who don't really understand the condition and sufferings, the patients go through.