The mindest Part 2:

The mindset of the people affected by the disorder and the people around the affected person:(Personal views of the Author)

The person affected by the disorder behaves and grows normally during the initial few months and the parents themselves don't really find much difference in the appearance or the growth of the baby. Around a year or year and a half, two, the appearance begins to change and all the symptoms of the disorder begin to appear.

Even adults get scared and worried when they are affected by some sort of minor infection or disease. Being a child, not understanding much about the world around them and not having experienced anything in this wonderful world, except for the love of the parents and their family members, the child does tend to be scared than normal.

Children do tend to get scared of even small things, because of their lack of understanding of the world around them. The child affected by the disorder has a lot more reason to be afraid as the pain and difficulties experienced by them cannot be properly put into words.

Apart from heart related problems, breathing problems, physical weakness and pain, lack of proper immunity, which are felt only by them on the inside, physical changes, like narrow jaws, lack of proper growth of teeth, stunted growth of the overall body, all these sorts of appearance related problems show up.

This makes people around them notice and it might cause complexes and worries for the patient themselves and their family members. (Contd.)

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